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How to prevent fires at home

Many house fires are preventable with a little bit of caution and care.

Here are some tips to avoid fires at home:

  • Never leave cooking food unattended on the stove or in the oven
  • Keep flammable items, such as curtains or towels, away from heating sources
  • Never smoke indoors
  • Don’t overload electrical outlets or extension cords
  • Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children


The most common causes of house fires

House fires can start from a number of different sources. Here are the most common causes:

  • Cooking accidents
  • Heating equipment, such as space heaters or furnaces
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Candles or other open flames
  • Smoking

By being aware of these common causes, you can take steps to prevent fires from starting in your home.

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