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What Causes a Fire?

Before understanding how to prevent fires, it is important to understand what causes them. Fires are caused by a combination of heat, fuel, and oxygen. This is known as the fire triangle. Removing any one of these elements will extinguish the fire.

Common causes of fires include electrical faults, cooking accidents, smoking, and arson. Electrical fires can occur when electrical appliances or wiring are faulty, overloaded, or outdated. Cooking accidents can happen when food is left unattended on the stove or oven, or if flammable items are placed too close to the cooking area. Smoking is another common cause of fires, especially when cigarettes are not properly extinguished. Arson is when someone intentionally starts a fire, and it is a serious criminal offense.

It is important to be aware of these common causes of fires and take steps to prevent them from happening in your home or workplace. By removing potential fire hazards and being vigilant, you can help keep yourself and others safe.

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