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Wildfire Prevention

Wildfire prevention is an essential aspect of wildfire management. Several measures can be taken to prevent wildfires, including reducing fuels, clearing debris, and maintaining fire breaks. Fuels are dry materials that can easily catch fire, such as leaves, twigs, and dead trees. When these fuels accumulate, they can easily ignite and cause wildfires. Therefore, reducing fuels is an effective way of preventing wildfires. This can be done through prescribed burning, thinning forests, and removing dead trees. Clearing debris and maintaining fire breaks are also crucial in preventing wildfires. Debris can easily ignite and cause wildfires, while fire breaks provide a barrier that can prevent the spread of wildfires. |====== DETAIL.TEMPERATURE1.0|====== META.PROMPTPlease help create meta information for an article about “Understanding the Basics of Wildfires” in English.Please answer in this format:Example: |====== META.TEMPERATURE1.0

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