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Smoking Cannabis

Smoking cannabis is the most popular method of consumption. It is also one of the oldest methods, with evidence of cannabis smoking dating back to 5000 BC in China. There are different ways to smoke cannabis, such as using a pipe, bong, joint or blunt. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, using a bong allows for a smoother hit, while using a joint is more discreet. It is important to note that smoking cannabis produces harmful chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide, which can damage the lungs over time.

Vaping Cannabis

Vaping cannabis is becoming more popular as it is seen as a healthier alternative to smoking. Vaping involves heating the cannabis to a temperature that releases the active compounds, without burning the plant matter. This results in a smoother hit and reduces the risk of harmful chemicals entering the body. There are different types of vaporizers available, such as desktop vaporizers or portable vaporizers.


Edibles are food items that are infused with cannabis. They provide a different type of high compared to smoking or vaping as the cannabis is processed by the liver. The effects take longer to kick in, but they also last longer. It is important to be cautious when consuming edibles as the effects can be stronger than anticipated. It is recommended to start with a low dosage and wait at least an hour before consuming more.


Topicals are cannabis-infused creams, balms or salves that are used primarily for localized pain relief. They do not produce a psychoactive effect and are non-intoxicating. Topicals are absorbed through the skin and can provide relief for conditions such as arthritis, muscle pain, and inflammation.


Tinctures are liquid extracts that are made by soaking cannabis in alcohol or oil. They are usually taken orally and can be added to food or drinks. Tinctures provide a discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis. They are also easier to dose compared to edibles. The effects can take longer to kick in, but they last longer than smoking.|====== DETAIL.TEMPERATURE0.8|====== META.PROMPTPlease help create meta information for article in cannabis about the different ways to consume cannabis in English. Please answer in this format |====== META.TEMPERATURE0.8

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